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What Captain Obvious said is true that the porn biz is a trap, and that porn, being a hooker, and drugs are all linked and have been for decades.

I hope queerty is trying to warn young men not to go into porn not to put sex workers on a pedestal as if its a commendable choice to make money.

Given the nature of many deaths it should not be promoted or glorified and many of queerties content suggest irresponsible glorificaruon of problematic people.

Too late and that goes for many commenting as well and making people like you and me as the judgers! The suicidal death of this troubled young man is tragically another case in fact!

His body was found later the same day…. LOL — Lets get Dr. His issue was addiction and probably depression.

He was living in a sober facility so he was well aware how bad his addiction was. Really sad he cut his life short before he could really live it clean and sober.

My first bf gave me Coke and got me hooked my last tried to pass me around to his friends. We are so used to being filmed it may seem like no big deal but as seen it has a huge consequences on wellbeing.

Then that type will create dependence to keep you. A side note — every time I read your posts I misread your name as enlighten none.

Exactly, sad how way too many gay men have this type of mentality where they objectify themselves and others solely off of sexual gratification purposes then turn around demanding respect from other people.

The word shallow minimizes whats going on8. Dehumanization, degrading someone, sexual objectication, fetishization, and etc.

Porn is not real. They let their acting role become them. They often put them hand to hand together and then it usually blows up in their face.

They have no business doing porn and need to seek a damn shrink or drug counselor. Back in I started dating a hot bodybuilder type, Jim, who I met at a club when I was visiting Dallas.

In , Jim met a well known gay porn star at a gay bar in Dallas, and they went home together, hit it off, and the Big Name stud convinced Jim to give porn a try.

Jim made about 20 films over a period of 2 years, had a blast with the guys who topped him he was a self-described power bottom , and was a popular actor since he had a masculine, hot, muscled up look that was punched up fairly dramatically with steroids and HGH.

He also made no b ones about the fact that he was also dick-dancing cross country, as well as escorting. Contrary to some of the judgmental comments made on this site, Jim was completely drug free other than the glandular supplements he was on , always kept his corporate day job, and never had any illusions about making his porn star alter ego the center of his life.

He knew the films and the escorting were just a temporary indulgence and a way to make some extra cash , so he got into it, had some fun for about 18 months, and then he walked away.

To me, gay porn films are an art form, just as surely as paintings and sculptures at an upscale gallery. Jim clarified for me that there are actually a good number of professional, friendly people in the business; mainly, a lot of these guys are having loads of sexual fun, a lot more than most of us yes, pun intended.

But when the unknown people die tragically from suicide, there are people who will mourn for their loss as well, people who worked with them, knew of them and felt maybe just a little bit of a connection with them.

Both fun to watch in their scenes. For Dimitri and Rylan, and others we know about because of whatever small amount of fame they enjoyed, and for those we do not know, who have chosen to end their journey too soon, Rest in peace.

If you are considering suicide, get help, start here: Given your perspective, your comments are consistent. How do you know that and why does it matter to you?

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You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: Continue to external site Go Back. Coming from the Jersey Shore by way of Florida, Dimitri Kane is a hairy chested stud who would rather let his actions do the talking.

When Dimitri Kane was incarcerated for the first time, he thought that he found a buddy in Tony Paradise. Tony wanted more, and even though Dimitri Kane is straight he was willing to show some appreciation.

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Before you know it they are making out and heading back into the house for some extra fun. They go into the first room they see and begin kissing and taking their dry shorts off.

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They have to hit the road if they want to make it to the wedding on time but they are having serious car trouble.

Damn hard to have both. Dimitri Kane 6 Comments. I am not here to argue with anyone regarding morality, ethics, or whatever another feels is right or wrong. You can say the Kardashians but they are known attention whores that will do tipico app geht nicht for publicity. Condolences to his family and friends. Sansacro Saw the videos with this guy. All this makes too many of us have australian open empathy towards others. Contrary to some of the judgmental comments made on this site, Jim was poker játékok drug free other rome vip casino the glandular supplements he was onalways kept his corporate day scatter slot, and never had any illusions about making his porn star alter ego the center of his life. To me, gay porn films are an art form, just as surely france ligue 1 tabelle paintings and sculptures at an upscale gallery. Bless be with his friends and family. Every death is so sad.

Dimitri kane -

Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Echte Kerle Vor Der Cam. Reproduction in any form is prohibited. ManRoyale - Dimitri Kane wird von Derek Rote Badeshorts von AussieBum.

GTFOH with that bullsh. These young and not so young deaths by suicide, drug dependence, etc. If society had treated porn just as another form of entertainment, like athletes and models and actors using their bodies and physical skills, there would not be an issue.

Thank You to all these beautiful porn performers who helped me better understand and accept my sexual desires as a youth. Comfort his family and loved ones and show him Mercy and peace.

This report is incorrect. He did not die from suicide. He was hit by a car and died at the hospital. I knew him and his family and went to the funeral.

I have always had much empathy for these young men. When I was in medical school in my early 20s would have been early s , it seemed that some sort of scouts from the gay pornography industry would approach me in regard to working for whatever company.

Although flattering to some degree, I simply could not get past the fact that my parents or siblings may someday hear about it, let alone SEE it.

Besides, I was of the opinion that I had more to offer, both then and now, than only my physical appearance.

Clearly, this was simply not an option for me. We all have our reasons for what we do or did, and I am perfectly imperfect and flawed, giving me no right to judge anyone.

Perhaps they felt as if doing pornographic work was their only means of escaping a bad situation; I may only speculate. I am not here to argue with anyone regarding morality, ethics, or whatever another feels is right or wrong.

That is not for any person to decide. What I will say is that these young men taking their own lives is really sad.

No one in this world should ever feel worthless. They are people just like you and I who have real feelings and emotions.

I just wish that there was a way in which I might help them. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of dimitrikane porn rip stories and more.

Grant Mealey How sad….. Victor Barry Suicide is a bad choice. There is always a way out better than this.

Joseph Davoli Give rest to the soul of thy child Constantine , let perpetual light shine upon him. Kenneth Myrnes I find it disturbing that so many young adult movie performers are choosing suicide ….

KiwiJello I am sure something was wrong well before he joined the sex workforce. I wonder what heaven is like for gay porno actors. Claude Mallinger So sad indeed!

Salinas how sad that a young man like himself would take his life…this was just the beganing of this life in whatever path he chose to so. Hussain-TheCanadian There really should be a study on the mental health of anyone working for the Porn industry, gay or straight, just so we can get a better understanding if we as Human beings are really able to work in the sex industry without heavy repercussions on our self-esteem and mental health.

Gerard Sikora soo sad for these young men….. CWM85 I hope queerty is trying to warn young men not to go into porn not to put sex workers on a pedestal as if its a commendable choice to make money.

Dimitri is more of a top, but he take a good ass fucking on GayCastings. Like Father Like Son, Chapter 4: Bair on Sean Cody: Dimitri Kane , Johnny Rapid 15 Comments.

Dimitri Kane , Dylan Drive 37 Comments. Dimitri Kane , Sean Christopher 22 Comments. Dimitri Kane , Markie More 17 Comments.

Dimitri Kane , Toby Springs 7 Comments. Alan Kennedy , Dimitri Kane 5 Comments. Dimitri Kane , Rico Romero 9 Comments.

Dimitri Kane , Kory Houston 13 Comments. Dimitri Kane , Patrick Isley 8 Comments. Dimitri Kane , MEN. Swipe , Will Braun 23 Comments.

Do u have ur dream job?? We all have a part in this including the gay media such as queerty. Why do gay men take their own lives so frequently.

What kind of culture and lifestyle have we created that contribute to significant anxiety and depression and more importantly how can we correct it and get better.

Every death is so sad. How bad does life get that you even have to resort to digitally documented prostitution? You literally strip off your dignity and pride in front of a camera.

Sure, most people may find you aesthetically pleasing, but this is a sad life. A very, very sad, sad life! Who in the f cares? He was a drug addict…died of overdose.

He had what he wanted it. At that age, you glom onto anyone as a role model; sometimes you get a strong on, many times you do not. Add to that a career in an industry that expects you to be burned out and hustling on the streets by 19?

His family was all aware and supportive of his profession. How exactly does that happen? I just loved it when you jammed your cum down that cute guys throat.

Can someone pass the butter. I am glad I was never tempted to do porn for the public. This is very sad a young handsome man gone so quick he was just about to live his life may he rest in peace really sad to hear news like this.

No wonder some people take so long to come out. I thought the same thing. He was destine to look grandfatherly by thirty if that is how he looked at twenty.

Quite a few people who are NOT involved in porn die of drugs or commit suicide, so stop blaming the porn industry.

Also, everyone LGBTIQ person has to deal with societal hom0phobia, including internalized homophobia, even if they have the support of family and friends.

I love how every story about a porn star clans that their family knows and is supportive 8f their career. Well I see a lot of heartless douche bags have been posting about someone who died at the age of I think we have a lot of our heterosexual allies fooled into thinking we are this sweet, all loving, all inclusive and all compassionate community.

But we are really more judgmental than a pack of mean teenage girls. So tragic, so sad…RIP bright star, your life was a blessing.

Is that waaaaay old?? Has a manly look. Gay men mature at allot slower a rate then our straight counterparts by about a decade. All this makes too many of us have zero empathy towards others.

How his death must be affecting his parents! May he RIP and may they find ways of dealing with it.

Stop being holier than thou bitches!!! Calling names and throwing shade as if your life is fun and perfect.

I always hear what wrong with gay people, you! The religious psychos who say we should all die might be right after all. The world is shitty enough as it is without you turds adding to the pile.

Unfortunately people who do porn do not always have the best self esteem, mental health, body image issues, and the way the porn biz basically forces them into prostitution is not good, and drugs, porn, and sex for pay are all linked and have b een for decades.

When you speak from ignorance you clearly think homosexuality is a choice as well, lumped with eating disorders, alcoholism, theft, gluttony, killing…just like the fundies , as you are doing, you do nothing but demonstrate that you are ignorant.

You demonstrate shallowness and lack of empathy as well. You were obviously lying when you posted that. In the article the family claims he did not take his own life, but died as a result of an accidental overdose.

Generally in such close proximity to an event the family especially when supportive as the article states has much greater access to information than friends or associates.

Maybe, perhaps maybe queerty post about pornstars deaths all the time to warn us how bad it is and not to get into it of you want to live a long life.

Another sad end for a nice-looking guy. Porn attracts misfits but it also makes things worse. Drugs are rife in the industry. By the way, porn performers are not stars.

There is nothing star-like about porn. Stars twinkle and are something to look up to. Sorry to the family. Some of the comments I read are so horrible.

Saying he deserved to die?! How many gay men have NOT watched gay porn?! Please stop printing P. Which is why he has so much free time to troll people on here and other LGBT sites.

Porn and drugs is a myth. Being young and naive is enough to attract drugs or those that do them. I was never a pornstar yet became addicted to drugs and the PNP lifestyle.

Of course a lot of people in society who have never done porn become addicted as well for various reasons including genetics or family history, an addictive personality, learned behaviour, mental illness, and for other reasons as sometimes addiction randomly happens slowly to people and sneaks up on them.

We have some mean-spirited, cold-hearted, self-adsorbed, back-stabbing bitches amongst us. And if you decide you are the one, how does it make you feel to learn what your friends think of you?

We must learn to respect ourselves; we are worth a lot. Taffy pull I think they call it. Work in a 9 to 5 job and try being a drug addict. Damn hard to have both.

Queerty, was 20 a typo? Amazing no one thinks of this. If so it would explain allot of his problems. This is very sad, I really liked him a lot and he was too young to take his life.

To make comments that are duragatory is unnecessary, this young man took his life. Would you want your kid to be in gay porn? I wish I could cut and paste your hateful comment to your facebook page for all your friends and family to see!

You retard, are you now an expert over the APA? You are truly fucked up. I hope you never have a problem for which you are prescribed pain meds and then become addicted to them…Life is a real bitch.

Seen it happen my friend. You might actually learn something—then again, probably not! I was truly shocked. I bet they are proud if they are still alive.

What a despicable, sad little man you must be.

Constantine hatte eine gute Seele, war charismatisch und hat Leute angezogen. Laufen für die Community: Um das Video zu sehen, muss Javascript aktiviert werden. Benutzernamen oder Passwort vergessen? All videos and links are provided by the parties. Dimitri Kane gefickt Echte Kerle Vor Der Cam. Muskulös hunk Brenner Bolton pov Nägel Dimitri Suchanfragen mit Bezug zu "dimitri kane". Die neuesten Bilder des Tages.

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